This is a work based on love, compassion and sharing.

Inspired by real histories and cultures - from Brazilian villages to communities in Nepal - here the goal is connect ART and SOCIAL IMPACT.

Through responsible organizations, I propose a new support for the painting that transgresses from the canvas to the world - space.

A social manifest. A work of soul. For greater use.

This is the sense I found for my Art.

Each TOY-Art is unique

Each collector becomes an activist.

Juliana Helcer

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The World is experiencing a moment of awakening to transformation. In different countries we observe civil society becoming aware of and demanding their rights.

Manifestations are born in all sectors and hearts. Brazil, a giant by nature itself, is also waking up and demanding changes, questioning the system. There are several theses that started the July demonstrations in Brazil, but what matters is what this triggered: an awakening inside each one that went the streets saying "enough".

In the same spirit and movement of engagement and citizenship, the contemporary artist Juliana Helcer develops this series of works called Toy Manifesto, which unites art and social engagement.

Each piece is inspired by a story, a movement, a cause or a right. In partnership with responsible organizations, the project Toy.Manifesto researches and develops works dialoguing with this moment of transformations that we are living and also contributed as an instrument of awareness.

By Maria Eduarda Souza

Social Responsibility Consulting