“The Toy Manifesto is the way I found to link humanitarian aid to my work. As an artist I feel responsible for promoting information and awareness through the image. “
— Juliana Helcer


The world is experiencing a period of awakening for transformation. In different countries we see civil society is aware and demanding their rights.

Demonstrations are born in all sectors and hearts. Brazil, the giant by nature, is also waking up and demanding change, questioning the system. There are several theories that who started the July demonstrations in Brazil, but what matters is what triggered this: an awakening within each of which was the streets saying "enough."

In that same spirit and movement of engagement and citizenship, contemporary artist Juliana Helcer develops this series of works called Toy Manifesto, which unites art and social engagement.

Each piece is inspired by a story, a movement, a cause or a right. In partnership with responsible organizations, Toy.Manifesto project researches and develops dialogue work with that moment of transformation that we are living and also contributed as awareness tool.

By Maria Eduarda Souza

Consulting Social Responsibility



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Mixed media on canvas, 2014

50 x 50cm

Campaign in support of the Riverine, Amazon /  Uma Gota no Oceano Partnership


Mixed media on canvas, 2014

50 x 50cm

Support school construction in the Kamaiurá Village / Terra Comum  Partnership


Mixed media on canvas, 2015

50 x 50 cm

Support earthquake victims in Nepal / Donations via Doctors Without Borders

About the Artist

Juliana Helcer lives in Rio de Janeiro, where she attends the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage.

Born in São Paulo did undergraduate degree in Visual Arts at FAAP and Drama.


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